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The reality is that today’s asset-intensive organizations must constantly track, assess and manage the reliability of an extraordinarily wide range of physical, technical, and human assets. They must manage inventory and production; repair machinery; hire and schedule employees; deploy and manage IT infrastructure; maintain physical plants, and manage linear infrastructure or rolling assets.

To further complicate matters, technology infrastructures are tremendously complex, typically running applications and data in silos that can limit the effectiveness of cross-organizational operations and efficiencies. Companies still struggle with fragmented business solutions that lack integration.

So, how can an organization hope to both control assets and remain profitable?

The SmatForms Mobile Solution

SmatForms Applications delivers a true Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution with integrated enterprise project management. Within SmatForms Applications, the project itself is the engine that drives activities, ensuring high-level visibility and transparency throughout the enterprise value chain. Mobility adds value to the project by:

● Allowing work to be recorded in real-time as it is performed, so project managers have immediate visibility into what is being accomplished.

●    Making revisions immediately available to individuals working on projects to avoid work on the wrong revision.

SmatForms helps companies deliver Apps across multiple devices and Operating Systems (Android, iOS, and Windows) giving them the flexibility to build multiple Apps for different job types.

Smatforms application

Asset management: Empower businesses to gather and analyze data about asset operations, allowing an organization to move from corrective (repairs made after a problem occurs) to preventive (maintenance dictated by a schedule based on past experience) to predictive maintenance (performed because data for a particular asset indicates that a failure is imminent).

Approval Workflows— Approval workflow eliminates the need to track down co-workers to sign off on a project or repeatedly emailing the boss asking him (or her!) to review the data that was sent a week ago. Employees can now quickly approve, deny or comment on submitted data, making communication simpler and paper-free. 

To find out more about how SmatForms can help your organization maintain its competitive edge, visit: Smatforms

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